CHEM 1190 General Chemistry II

A foundational course focused on study of acid-base theory, ionic equilibria, complexation, oxidation-reduction, thermodynamics and kinetics.

CHEM 2210 Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry

An intensive foundational course on basic principles of organic chemistry. Primarily designed for students in biology, elementary science education, and allied health fields.

CHEM 2500 Inorganic Chemistry

A survey course of the inorganic chemistry of metallic and nonmetallic species including atomic, molecular and crystal structures, composition, properties and reactivity.

NSCI 3940 Writing in Chemistry

A course that introduces the chemistry majors to different techniques and practices for writing in chemistry. It is designed to develop and sharpen he craft and skills of scientific writing, peer review, as well as preparing technical reports and other documentation.

CHEM 1184 General Chemistry I Laboratory

A laboratory course designed to introduce students to the chemistry laboratory, enhance their practical laboratory skills, and illustrate chemical principles. Fulfills a University General Education Natural/Physical Science requirement.

CHEM 1194 General Chemistry II Laboratory

A laboratory course focused on study of quantitative analysis and equilibria in solutions. It includes foundations of statistics applied to quantitative analysis.