Denis Svechkarev

Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Postdoc: University of Nebraska Medical Center (USA)
Postdoc: University of Geneva (Switzerland)
Ph.D.: V. Karazin Kharkiv National University (Ukraine)

Durham Science Center, office 350

When I was in 8th grade, I struggled to understand the concept of writing and balancing equations of chemical reactions. I thought that chemistry was very complicated. Then I had a chance to experience chemistry in the lab, and even perform some experiments myself – and I learned that chemistry is also exciting, fun, and mysterious!

This is how my journey started. I am passionate about science in general and chemistry in particular. I like the structure-property relationship approach, because I am curious about how things work. My research interests are in studying the fundamentals of fluorescence and nanochemistry, and creating new materials to advance healthcare.

I was born and raised in Ukraine, worked and traveled all around Europe, and then moved to the United States. I like traveling, and I visited more than 35 states in the US. Beyond chemistry, my hobbies are astronomy, amateur radio, running, and all things outdoors. I am also an emergency volunteer and trained storm spotter.

Professional service and honors

  • Chair, ACS Omaha Local Section (2021, 2024)
  • NSRI Fellow (2022, National Strategic Research Institute, University of Nebraska)
  • Outreach Volunteer of the Year (2021, American Chemical Society)
  • Outstanding Reviewer of the Year (2018, IOP Publishing)
  • Academic Excellence Fellow (2013-2014, Swiss Federal Government)